Biostatistics – What We Do

Design of clinical trials in cardiovascular research

Our team has many years of advanced expertise in the design and analysis of clinical trials (from phase II to IV) in cardiovascular research. You can find a comprehensive list of our current and past clinical trials here.

Statistical analysis of clinical and epidemiologic studies

We are responsible for conducting all statistical analyses for research projects at the TIMI Study Group. A full list of TIMI’s publications and presentations can be found here. Our expertise cover a wide range of standard and advanced methodologies including:

  • Survival analysis
  • Mixed-effect and longitudinal models
  • Meta-analysis
  • Clinical prediction modeling
  • Machine learning
  • Analysis of high-dimensional biomarkers (“omics” data)
  • Genetics/Bioinformatics

Statistical research and software development

See Research and Software page

Statistical Education

See Tools for Clinicians page

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